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Top Federally Recognized Native American Tribes

As many Native American tribes have begun to prosper, they are recognized and authorized by the federal law of the United States of America. The top federally recognized Native Americans include the following:

Apache – This tribe are in some areas of the southeast in the USA. This tribe is part of the most abundant Native Americans, and covered more than half of it. Apaches tribes are based in New Mexico, Arizona and Oklahoma. Culturally, the tribes are as diverse as the lands they live on. White Mountain, the Jicarilla and Mescalero Apache live in heavily forested areas that supported a strong lumber industry and now offer them a tourism trade.

There are two tribes in Oklahoma- the Apache Tribe of Oklahoma and the Fort Sill Apache (historically from New Mexico and Arizona). Then there are San Carlos Apache living in a more arid Southeastern Arizona region. They have also begun their own Apache Nation Chamber of Commerce.

Comanche – The Comanche did not have much dominance in the past, and these tribes were limited to a small area on the western border of the state. While the tribes mainly resided in other states they eventually settled in the area along the western border.

Acoma Pueblo – This tribe is also known as Sky City, this location is important to New Mexico history and is known to be the oldest structure in the United States of America which has been inhabited continuously. Till today around fifty members of the tribe still live in the original structure.

Taos Pueblo – The Pueblo Native Americans consist of many tribes, and Pueblo’s tribes speak different languages. There are many Pueblo tribes in America. The Taos tribe is one of them. The Taos Pueblos are primarily concentrated in New Mexico with the Ysleta Del Sur in Texas and Hopi in Arizona. The pueblos are heavily drenched in traditional culture and continue their ceremonies till this day. Some of the members live in adobe buildings that are centuries old. They have been progressive in their economic development efforts and are now seeing solid success.

Navajo – This is the second largest tribe in the United States. This tribe also has the largest tribal land mass. Their borders extend from New Mexico through Northern Arizona. Over half of the tribal population lives on the reservation. The tribe has many unique tribal programs in utilities, tourism and agriculture. Thousands of these Native Americans live in New Mexico alone. The reservation covers thousands of square miles, and there are many pow-wows and other special tribal events held each year.

California Tribes – The rancherias are small as the federal government terminated several groups. This makes the remaining population to re-apply for federal recognition. Mission Band of Indians were traditionally small but kept treaty rights throughout the 19th and 20th century. Today, they are now part of the federally recognized tribes in the United States of America.


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